What Do The Atlanta Falcons Owe The Community? Check Out The Local Take On WCLK

Mar 7, 2013

Join Kiplyn Primus for The Local Take Saturday morning at 7:30a on WCLK.

Vine City, Georgia Dome

The Atlanta Falcons want to build a new stadium to replace The Georgia Dome, part of it paid for with tax dollars.  Will the club build it downtown or will it be in the suburbs?

What do the Atlanta Falcons owe the communities surrounding their proposed stadium, our neighborhood?

Kiplyn will talk with Castleberry Hill Neighborhood Association resident and representative Carrie Sagel Burns and William Perry, Executive Director of Common Cause Georgia.  The discussion revolves around what is at stake for neighborhoods like Vine City, Castleberry Hill and the AUC.

For more information:

Common Cause Georgia

Castleberry Hill Neighborhood Association

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