The Local Take: 13 Year Old Entrepreneur Mason Wright Builds A Better Hotdog

Jul 6, 2019

Mason's Super Dogs - Named one of the best vegan hotdogs in America by the PETA Foundation

Saturday morning at 8am on WCLK's The Local Take I speak with Mason Wright, Founder and CEO of Mason Enterprises, which runs Mason's Super Dogs, a craft hot-dog cart with specializes in tasty toppings which is a recent winner of the PETA Foundation Top 10 Vegan Hot Dogs in America

Mason shares that he was cutting grass, walking dogs and performing other errands to earn money for science kits. After visiting New York City and waiting in line for an "ok" hotdog, he knew he could do better and invested in a small Hot Dog cart.  He tested recipes and toppings and opened "Mason's Super Dogs" at the age of 10.  He marketed his cart to birthday parties, bar mitzvahs and other events. 

Mason can be found most Wednesdays on the Morehouse Campus with his new and improved Hot Dog cart.  Mason's classmates came to understand that he had access to funds for things.  Mason launched a program from his classmates who wanted to start their own business expanding his enterprise with a "Candy" cart and "Dessert" cart. 

His vegan dog was created after students at Morehouse continually asked for that option.  He tested soy and plant based hot dogs before choosing and then got started on topping.  His vegan dog is so popular that it was nominated as one of the best in the country and he received the news that he made the list. 

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Kiplyn Primus and Mason Wright in the WCLK Studios