The Local Take Talks with LaDetra White of Awesome Life Ministries

Aug 11, 2018

Recently on The Local Take on WCLK I spoke with LaDetra White after our initial interview in 2016. This successful entreprenuer has been on a mission to create other successful entrepreneurs.  We first spoke with her after she began "ambushing" small business owners with cash, services and lots of customers through her social media following.  

After two years she has branched out ambushing business owners as far away as Ghana.  Along with small business owners, White has also begun supporting other humanitarians including the four year old Austin "ShowLove" Perine.  Additionally she launched LaDetra's Finds to connect small business owners with customers immediately. I ask Ms. White where she sees her grassroots growing. 

For more information on Ms. White and her activities follow her on social media or visit Awesome Life Ministries.

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