The Local Take Talks National Health Center Awareness Week with JenCare Senior Health Centers

Aug 10, 2019

JenCare Senior Medical Centers

Saturday morning at 8am on WCLK's The Local Take, in support of National Health Center Awareness Week, I speak with Tyrone Cox, General Manager of the Georgia Market for JenCare Senior Health Centers.  JenCare is a family-owned primary and specialty care practice for Medicare-eligible seniors.  Their centers provide a holistic integrative approach to medical care. 

I ask Tyrone Cox how JenCare came to be and he shares the story of their founder James Chen, MD, PhD who experienced a medical challenge with multiple doctors which made communication difficult. The genesis of the senior health care center was to solve a problem and make sure that seniors received care for all of their needs in one location. 

In an average medical practice the doctor is working with between 2500 - 3000 patients at JenCare the doctors work with a maximum of 450 patients allowing them to provide personalized care. 

Tyrone Cox goes on to explain the at JenCare they provide door-to-door transportation for seniors and encourage "walk-ins" for seniors who may not be feeling well and can't obtain a quick appointment with their healthcare provider. 

Cox mentions integrative care and I ask for a definition and how if may differ from holistic care, Cox explains that at JenCare they mean the same thing.  At their facilities seniors can take advantage of accupuncture treatments for pain management.  They also offer Tai Chi and Yoga classes to help seniors maintain flexibility and balance.  In addition JenCare also provides social activities from knitting circles to birthday parties and more. 

To take a tour at a local JenCare facility call:

East Point  - 404-965-5691

Morrow - 770-629-3217

South DeKalb - 404-836-0272

West End - 404-386-0136

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Note: JenCare is a paid WCLK underwriter. JenCare senior health centers are one of several options available for senior citizen health care. We encourage you to explore multiple possibilities with family and health care providors before making a health care decision for you or a loved one.