The Local Take Talks Sisters of Today and Tomorrow November 2 Event For Girls, Mentors

Oct 28, 2019

Sisters of Today and Tomorrow founder, Carla Morrison with participants in a past Mommy, Mentor and Me conference.

Saturday moring at 8am on WCLK's The Local Take, I talked with Carla Morrision , Founder of Sisters of Today and Tomorrow, about the organization's upcoming Mother, Daughter conference - Mommy, Mentor and Me.  The event takes place on Saturday, November 2 from 10am until 2pm at The Gathering Place Community Center, 6280 Bryant Street, in Union City.

Ms. Morrison explains that Union City Parks and Recreation are sponsoring this event for girls and the women who raise them. There are 20 complementary mother /daughter slots available for Union City residents.

The Mommy, Mentor & Me programs helps to bridge the generational and communication gap between women and girls through a series of fun and interactive workshops. Morrision explains that intergenerational conversations between women of all ages is important to young women who are growing, learning and finding their way in the world. 

I ask her how she came to found this organization and how working with young girls became a calling for her business. 

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Registration for the Mommy, Mentor and Me Conference