The Local Take Talks Transportation for DeKalb County

Dec 19, 2017

I recently spoke with Curtis Parker about his editorial in Crossroads News regarding the expansion of MARTA into South DeKalb. 

MARTA has a plan to expand east along the I-20 corridor. This plan was made almost 20 years ago and while it was great at that time, times change.  

Mr. Parker's editorial spoke about using light rail as opposed to hard rail lines. He mentions that most metropolis are relying on light rail.  He provides examples of light rail from the Plane train at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport to the downtown street car. 

He speaks to having a direct line from the airport to DeKalb. Additionally light rail lines from South DeKalb to North DeKalb.  His idea to turn MARTA's Kensington Station into a modal line hub. 

Transportation challenges continue to plague our metropolitan area. The old plans should be re-thought and public and private partnerships can come together to make better us of the land and the transportation options.  

To read Mr. Parker's editorial 

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