Medicare(Dec. 7) and ACA Open Enrollment(Dec. 15) Ends Soon

Dec 1, 2018

Open Enrollment for Medicare Ends December 7th - Open Enrollment for ACA Ends December 15th

This week on the Local Take on WCLK I talk with Jean Moody-Williams, Atlanta's Acting Consortium Administrator for Medicare Services. Ms. Moody-Williams, who is a former nurse, explains that the Medicare Open Enrollment period will end on December 7th and the ACA - Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) Open Enrollment period will end on December 15th.

Moody-Wiliams speaks about what you should consider when reviewing Medicare plans. Additionally she shared that the website now has a built in option to so that you can "chat" with someone while making you selections. 

She also shares that for the first time on options for the silver plan across all 39 states that participate the rates are down for coverage. 

You can take charge of your healthcare for 2019 by making note of the upcoming deadlines and ensure that you have the coverage you need. 

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