Sherri Shepherd talks 'Brian Banks' movie with UPFRONT (AUDIO + VIDEO)

Aug 10, 2019

Check out my exclusve interview with actress and comedienne Sherri Shepherd. She stopped by #UPFRONT recently to chat about her new film Brian Banks, which opens in theaters this weekend. 

The film chronicles the life of Brian Banks, an All-American high school football player committed to USC by his Junior year whose life was upended in 2002 when he was falsely accused of rape. Despite maintaining his innocence, Banks was railroaded through the justice system and sentenced to a decade of prison and parole. Ultimately, with the help of the California Innocence Project, Banks’ conviction was overturned in 2012. He fulfilled his dream in 2013 when he played in the NFL pre-season with the Atlanta Falcons. 

Shepherd plays Brian's mother, Leomia in the film and is her first dramatic lead role. She also opens up about working alongside rising star Aldis Hodge, who portrays Brian Banks and veteran actor Greg Kinnear, who stars as Justin Brooks, Banks criminial defense attorney and Innocence Project co-founder.  

Watch UPFRONT's coverage of the Brian Banks ATL Premiere below: