#UPFRONT feat. Jill Marie Jones, Kenny Leon, Deborah Riley Draper, Tommy Miles and more!

May 1, 2021

Check out these recent editions of UPFRONT Inside the Entertainment Industry. Unfortunately, I did not get to post these shows before the the station's website went down a few weeks back. 

They include conversation with Delilah actress Jill Marie Jones, Tony Award winner Kenny Leon, Twenty Pearls  filmmaker Deborah Riley Draper, R&B superstar Keith Washington, TINA directors T.J. Martin and Daniel Lindsey and Ready to Love host and comedia Tommy Miles. Enjoy! 

SATURDAY MARCH 27: Jill Marie Jones, Kenny Leon and Taryn Carmona

SATURDAY, APRIL 3: Deborah Riley Draper, Nikki Toombs, Eric J. Little and Christian Fedison


SATURDAY, APRIL 10: Keith Washington, T.J. Martin, Daniel Lindsey and Tommy Miles