#UPFRONT featuring Deborah Riley Draper, Melissa L. Williams and AAFCA (AUDIO + VIDEO)

Mar 21, 2020

Check out this weekend's edition of UPFRONT Inside Atlanta's Entertainment Industry. It features my conversations with award-winning filmmaker, author and director Deborah Riley Draper, Gil Robertson from the African American Film Critics Association (AAFCA) and Ruthless actress Melissa L. Williams. 

Acclaimed filmmaker Deborah Riley Draper presents her first book, Olympic Pride, American Prejudice. It is based on her 2016 film of the same name and follows the lives of the other African American athletes who participated in the 1936 Olympic Games along with Jesse Owens.  UPFRONT chats with Deborah about the project which includes information that wasn't featured in the film. She also opens up about her next project, Coffee Will Make You Black and much more. Check out our full un-edited conversation below: 

AAFCA's co-founder and current president Gil Robertson provides our listeners with streaming options during this #CoronaStorm. The adult and children's lists includes a variety of feature films, documentaries and series including Black Panther, Standing In the Shadows of Motown, Cherish the Day, The Lion King and Lady and the Tramp. Click here for a full list of suggestions. 

Rising actress and former CAU student Melissa L. Williams is here to chat about new BET+ series Tyler Perry's Ruthless. The show follows the story of a young woman named Ruth who kidnaps her young daughter to join her in the dark underworld of a fanatical religious cult. Williams also opens up about time time here at CAU and studying under the late Carol Mitchell Leon and how faith has played a major role in her success. Click here and listen to our full un-edited conversation. 

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