The CheckUp with Dr. Courtney Shelton MD

Every other Saturday at 7:30am

The CheckUp with Dr. Courtney Shelton, M.D., is a bimonthly radio program that provides reliable resources to important healthcare concerns.  The radio show is a workshop of wellness tips combined with expert advice and, commentary from highly qualified practitioners in fields that range from fitness and nutrition to conditioning and medicine.  The CheckUp with Dr. Courtney Shelton, M.D., highlights  an extensive menu of effective ways to motivate individuals to adopt a more healthy lifestyle. Dr. Shelton is a Board Certified Internist and Primary Care Physician and the Director of the Shelton Hospitalist Group, LLC.

Ways to Connect

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Join us Saturday morning at 8:30am for The CheckUp With Dr. Courtney Shelton, MD on Atlanta's Jazz Station 91.9 WCLK as we engage the community with a common sense conversation about what you should do if you are confronted by this disease in yourself or a loved one. Dr. Shelton is joined by Anisa Palmer, who lost her mother to breast cancer when she was a child.

The CheckUp With Dr. Courtney Shelton, MD on WCLK brings common sense conversation about health to the community, twice monthly at 8:30am. This edition of The CheckUp features a conversation with Infectious Disease Expert Dr. David Holland from the Fulton County Board of Health. Sexually transmitted infections(STI, STD) are on the rise across America and particularly in Atlanta, where syphillis, gonorrhea, chlamydia and HIV/AIDs are affecting people in record numbers.

Join Dr. Courtney M. Shelton, MD for The CheckUp on WCLK Saturday morning at 8:30am for an important discussion about women's health. Dr. Shelton is joined by Dr. John C. Lipton, MD, FSIR  with the Atlanta Fibroid Center. July is Fibroid Awareness Month. Fibroids are non-malignant tumors that exist within or on the uterus. Eighty percent of all women will develop fibroids by age fifty. That number balloons up to nearly 90 percent for African-American women, who are three times as likely to be negatively affected by them.

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Join Dr. Courtney Shelton for The CheckUp on WCLK Saturday morning at 8:30am for a common sense discussion about asthma and allergies with WellStar Pulmonologist Dr. Anuradha Thopu. What triggers asthma and allergies can be simple or complex, but you need to be prepared if you deal with these issues or have a loved one who does. Dr. Thopu talks about how allergy medications work, and how and why various triggers bring on an asthma attack and how medication and mindfulness can avoid one.

June is Men's Health Month. The CheckUp with Dr. Courtney Shelton, MD, welcomes Kevin Humphries, who is the Men's Health Coordinator for the Dekalb County Board of Health. Together they talk about how men can take control of their health and catch health issues before they become chronic or life-threatening. They touch on topics including prostate health, cardiovascular health, diet and nutrition, sexual health and mental health issues. Real men take control of their lives and their health so that they are there for their families through the years.