Kiplyn Primus

Saturday morning at 8am on WCLK's The Local Take I continued my conversations with faith leaders to share with us words of wisdom about Faith in a Pandemic.  This week I spoke with Rabbi Steve Lebow, the faith leader at Temple Kol Emeth in Cobb County. Rabbi Lebow explains that the only choice is to have faith.  He speaks about everyday faith being our spiritual core.  He also speaks about the pandemic of fear being stronger than the COVID-19 pandemic.

Last week I had an opportunity to speak with Dr. Ted Ross the Director of the Center for Vaccines and Immunology at the University of Georgia in Athens. His team is working on a COVID-19 vaccine.  I start by asking him to refresh our memories of high school biology and tell us exactly what is a vaccine?

He explains that the "pathogen" in the vaccine is not the whole virus, it's not able to replicate it only boost your immunity allowing your body to fight off the effects of the whole virus. 

Saturday morning at 8am on WCLK's The Local Take we discussed the Coronavirus Pandemic with Dr. Elizabeth Ford, District Health Director and CEO of the DeKalb County Board of Health.  I started our conversation by asking Dr. Ford about our new normal and to provide us with a definition of "hunkering down" and "social distancing."  She mentions that it is more like "physical" distancing. Everyone is “quarantine-ning” if they are asymptomatic. If you have symptoms you should isolate yourself. 

The Local Take Talks HBCU African Homecoming Ghana

Mar 8, 2020

This week on The Local Take I speak with Kwabena Boateng about the launch of the HBCU African Homecoming Ghana program.  This is an  initiative of Atlanta based African Diaspora Nation

This program is set up as an exchange between HBCU students, educators, corporate and community leaders from the USA in dialog and partnership with the same groups from the continent.  Boateng is taking a long view in hopes of exploiting the largest free market zone between the countries of Africa. 

This week on  WCLK's The Local Take (Saturday mornings at 8am) I talk with Dr. Zandretta Tims-Cook, founder of the Heather Ivy Society, and E. L., a member who has been living with HIV for 27 years.  I ask Dr. Tims-Cook why she felt the need to start an organization that spoke directly to women.  She speaks about the number of women in our communities who contract HIV through no real fault in their behavior.