Serenade To The City on WCLK

Producer, keyboardist and radio show host, Bob Baldwin returns with Henna(City Sketches), his 31st full length project.  Bob assembles an all-star cast on the new record and the first single is Keep Movin'.

When I received the new version of Turn Your Love Around I immediately downloaded it eager to hear it. First, I’m a longtime George Benson fan, even before working with him briefly while at Warner Bros Records. Secondly, this is my favorite Benson song and third, but not finally, it’s a live recording!

NexLevel: Chillin'

Nov 2, 2020

Twenty years ago an invitation to play at his nephew’s wedding caused Guitarist Mark Jackson to team up with Keyboardist Jesse Thomas to form one of Columbus, Ohio's most popular bands.  NexLevel describes themselves as an eclectic fusion Jazz band.

Will Donato: The High Road

Oct 30, 2020

Will Donato is no stranger to the listeners of Jazz 91.9 WCLK as his previous releases You Got This and Infinite Soul were listener favorites. Will, an Aurora, Colorado native, is back with a high stepping single he calls The High Road along with a video highlighting the universal appeal of Jazz music. It’s also good for the genre as the video displays the broad demographic appeal of this song. I knew from the first notes The High Road would l find a home on the WCLK Playlist.

Music is the Universal language and these five talented twenty-something musicians from Budapest who call themselves The Peet Project are proof. Galaxies is the second single from their full length project Ups And Downs (Beagle Beat Records). It's the perfect follow up to Let's Do This, the first single. Galaxies is perfect for a Fall drive, a soundtrack for work, or if you just want to hear some feel-good music.