This week on WCLK's The Local Take(Saturdays 8am), I'm talking all things voting with Mo Ivory, Creative Council at Fair Fight Action. We have one party in our country doing everything they can to suppress the vote. While citizens are doing everything they can to vote safely in the Pandemic. Fair Fight Action was born out of the tightly contested 2018 Georgia governor's race between Now-Governor Brian Kemp and Stacy Abrams. From that adversity, Fair Fight Action was created to support free and fair elections across the country.

The Local Take: Andrew Young On The Environment

Mar 15, 2020

Saturday morning at 8am on WCLK's The Local Take I spoke with former mayor Ambassador Andrew Young, who turns 88 on Thursday, March 12th.  I ran into Ambassador Young at a social event a few weeks ago where he was speaking about the Mississippi River and the levee system that used technology developed by the Dutch. The system in New Orleans was installed in 1936. I mentioned that like New Orleans, Amsterdam is also below sea level, but you never hear about that city flooding.  He says we can access the same technology for our country.

Saturday morning at 8am on WCLK's The Local Take I talked with Rhonda Briggins, a co-founder and board member of the organization VoteRunLead.  Briggins is based in Atlanta and shares information about the organization's upcoming training.  This training will take place in cities across the U. S. on Saturday, May 18th.  The Atlanta offering will be held at We Work 1175 Peachtree Street from 12pm - 6pm. 

This week on The Local Take I speak with Glynda Carr, founder of Higher Heights.  Higher Heights is an organization that wants to amplify the voices of Black women in politics.  From running for office to advocacy, this organization wants to galvanize and harness the power of Black women in government. 

Saturday morning at 8am on The Local Take on WCLK  I talked with Clark Atlanta University Professor Dr. William Boone and Pioneer Blogger and Editor Yalanda Lattimore, founder of Dryerbuzz, to talk about the general malaise around this political season. Georgia's Primary Election Runoff takes place Tuesday, July 24. The General Election will take place November 6.