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The Local Take Welcomes The Living Legends Foundation

Apr 17, 2021

This week on The Local Take, we introduced a new underwriter, the Living Legends Foundation.

This organization is dedicated to recognizing and promoting the achievements of those behind the scenes in the radio, music, and entertainment industries. These unsung heroes in the music industry deserve to be acknowledged.  The organization also looks to the future by providing scholarships to young people entering the music industry.  Varnell Johnson, President of the Living Legends Foundation, joins us to share. 

Dee Brown is following up his 2020 hit The Prize with another strong effort that on the first listen reminds me of a ConFunkShun song.  ConFunkShun was one of the great funk bands of the 80’s. On Love You Too, from his third album Deep Secrets(Innervision), Dee takes a quick turn to deliver another gem for today’s new school of Jazz lovers.  The song is up-tempo with a cool bridge and Dee’s playing some of his best guitar.

Join us Saturday at 8:30am for Life Love and Legacy with Dione Traci Duckett on WCLK.  Atlanta Attorney Dione Traci Duckett focuses her practice in the areas of Estate Planning and Elder Law. She works through important things we need to attend to, whether it's protecting our assets or insuring that our wishes are respected when it comes to healthcare or estate planning. On the April edition of Life Love and Legacy, Dione talks about what happens when we lose a loved one. Grief and business decisions end up mingling, and it can be a very difficult time unless you make plans in advance.