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The Call To True Beauty Radio Program Debuts Wed April 2 @ 6pm


Join Atlanta's Partnership Against Domestic Violence President and CEO Daphne Walker for the debut of a compelling new live talk program on WCLK, "The Call To True Beauty."  Airing for the first time on Wednesday, April 2 at 6:00 p.m. on WCLK, The Call To True Beauty will examine the many issues involving dating and domestic violence in the community, with the idea of helping build healthy, violence-free relationships.

“The Call to True Beauty” radio show elevates the Clark Atlanta University’s (CAU’s) considerable focus on preventing and eradicating dating and domestic violence.  The University addresses the issue year-round and annually hosts the “The Call to True Beauty” education and advocacy campaign each October, which is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  The University took up the mantle of domestic violence advocacy in 2010 and has been designated by Atlanta City Council as a community resource zone for education and prevention every year since.

Sponsored by Verizon Wireless on the occasion of WCLK’s 40th anniversary, the program will be hosted by Daphne Walker, J.D., president and CEO of Partnership Against Domestic Violence, Georgia’s largest nonprofit domestic violence organization.  A former judge, private criminal defense attorney and senior district attorney in Fulton County’s Crimes Against Women and Children Unit, Walker brings more than 15 years of legal expertise and front-line service to the on-air conversation.

During the inaugural broadcast, Wednesday, April 2, at 6p.m., Walker will welcome Jennifer Bivins, president and CEO of the Georgia Network to End Sexual Assault.  As with all broadcasts, callers can join in the conversation by calling 404-880-9255 to share questions or comments.  Counselors will be in the studio to offer assistance or answer questions.

“The Call to True Beauty” will address critical issues germane not only to the college-aged population, Clark Atlanta University’s primary target for the past four years, but the entire metro-Atlanta community.  According to the Georgia Commission on Family Violence/Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence March 2014 Fatality Report, Georgia now ranks 12th nationally in domestic violence—in this case, crimes in which men killed women.  The state ranked 10th in 2012.

“This is a critical issue for our entire community,” Verizon Wireless Executive Director of Public Relations Sheryl Sellaway says.  “As a corporation recognized for our leadership on this issue, we are delighted to partner with Clark Atlanta University, its award-winning Jazz 91.9FM and the Partnership Against Domestic Violence to engage citizens in this dynamic conversation in such a meaningful way.  Our goal over the coming months is to educate the community on the different types and stages of dating and domestic violence and its lasting consequences, along with strategies to build healthy relationships.  Too many people associate this crime with only physical violence,” Sellaway added, “but its manifestations are more complex and far more damaging than a bruise seen in plain view.”

Verizon Wireless and Clark Atlanta partnered in 2010 for the establishment of the Domestic Violence Prevention Leadership Academy in the Whitney M. Young Jr. School of Social Work, which enabled five graduate fellows to conduct leading-edge field research on best practices in prevention and remediation of domestic violence at the community level.  Since then, Verizon Wireless has been the title sponsor for the University’s annual “The Call to True Beauty” awareness campaigns, weeklong education and advocacy series held every October.

The launch of “The Call to True Beauty” Radio Show now brings key experts to the table on a monthly basis.  Walker noted that “this program will not only educate the community about dating and domestic violence, but it also will provide a forum for agency experts to educate and inform the community on how to prevent violence and, as important, how to get help in emergent situations.  This strengthens our voice in exciting new ways.”

Host Daphne Walker will be joined by Jennifer Bivins, President and CEO of The Georgia Network To End Sexual Assault.  Together they will look at the tough issues involved in sexual assault, talking about news stories from today's headlines and the real-life stories of our listeners.

Daphne Walker stopped by The Local Take with Kiplyn Primus to talk about The Call To True Beauty and discuss why this new program is important.

The Call To True Beauty is a collaboration between Clark Atlanta University, WCLK and Verizon Wireless, a company committed to positively impacting domestic violence via their Hopeline initiative.

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