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Rivablue Remembers Dr. Maya Angelou


Rivablue, host of The Midday Jazz Swing on WCLK, interviewed Dr. Maya Angelou on air in February, in advance of one of Dr. Angelou's final public appearances.  She shares her thoughts on what is a difficult day for her and for many of us around the world who have been inspired by Angelou:

As I received the news of Dr. Maya Angelou's passing I struggled to hold back the tears. I was going on the air in less than 3 minutes.

I tried to think of happy thoughts.  The Phenomenal Woman program would be the last time I would see Maya Angelou just a few months ago. I took my dear friend Mimi Johnson and together with took pictures and recorded what we could of the program.  Security surrounded Dr. Angelou, who looked regal although sitting in a wheelchair.  I observed she was not well.  I did get close enough to say, "Hi, it’s me, Rivablue," and she waved security off just long enough for me to kiss her on the cheek and touch her hand.  History has been made and Dr. Maya Angelou has spoken and now we must follow her lead.