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WCLK Takes On Police Violence And Young Black Men-On The Local Take

The crisis involving the death of young black men at the hands of the police seems to have reached an awful crescendo this summer, where there have been four high profile questionable killings in less than 30 days, including Eric Garner in New York, John Crawford in Ohio, Ezell Ford in California, and most notoriously  18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

Kiplyn Primus: What are we to do when the people who are hired to protect and serve fear our community so much that they shoot us when we are armed only with the color of our skin?

The Local Take With Kiplyn Primus addressed these challenges as we discussed them with African American men on Saturday, Sept 6th at 7AM.  Our guests  included CAU Political Science Professor Dr. William Boone, and Artis Brunson, member of the Restorative Justice Board for the City of Atlanta.

We also featured listener calls about this important community issue.

Host Kiplyn Primus discusses police violence and black men on The Local Take on WCLK with guests CAU Political Science Professor Dr. William Boone and Artis Brunson, member of the City of Atlanta Restorative Justice Board 9/6/14, part 2 of 2.