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WCLK Public Affairs Block Discusses African Americans In World War II on 71st Anniversary of D-Day

Paul Townshend
Creative Commons

African Americans who fought in World War II helped win that war, and returned to America with the skills and ideals that helped lead to the subsequent Civil Rights Movement. The work of those veterans resonates across our society even today.

WCLK discusses the impact of World War II on African Americans and vice versa on the Public Affairs Block Saturday morning at 7a with our guest Bob Williams. Williams is a veteran whose father served in World War II. Through his non-profit organization The Sable Arm in Acts of Valor, Williams calls attention to the experience of black people in Word War II and their lasting impact.

Join us for this interesting conversation, airing on June 6, the 71st anniversary of the D-Day invasion of Normandy, which turned the tide of the European part of this conflict.

For more information about The Sable Arm In Acts of Valor, please click here.