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Congratulations To Signature Serenade Winner And WCLK Supporter Extraordinaire Vaughn Thomas

Kerwin D. Sims, Vaughn Thomas and Morris Baxter

Congratulations to Vaughn Thomas of Harmony Entertainment, the winner of the Jazz 91.9 WCLK Signature Serenade silver cup for raising the most money for the station during his stint as host on Signature Serenade during our Summer Jazz-a-thon. In June, Thomas played his favorite Jazz cuts and sat in with Debb Moore for an evening devoted to great music and raising money to keep his favorite Jazz public radio station alive.

Thomas joined Morris Baxter, host of Morning Jazz  and Kerwin D. Sims, membership producer, during Morning Jazz on August 16 to talk about why he loves Jazz 91.9 WCLK and cares enough to raise funds for us. If you are interested in co-hosting and raising money for WCLK on Signature Serenade during our Fall Jazz-A-Thon, please reach out to Kerwin by emailing him here or calling 404-880-6173.