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The Local Take Features Atlanta Artist Responses to America In 2017

Sheila Pree Bright - Young Americans

Join me Saturday, January 7 at 7:00 a.m. on The Local Take on Jazz 91.9 WCLK. We sent out a clarion call for artists in our community to share their response to the New Year.   Fahamu Pecou, Alfred Conteh and Sheila Pree Bright joined us in the studio.

These fine artists share with us their response to the many challenges facing our communities today.

Alfred Conteh reminds us that these challenges are not unique to our city or nation but are taking place across the globe. He also shares that his work is intimately connected to the people in the community where he works, the West End.  He speaks about an upcoming exhibition presenting his project Two Fronts.

Fahamu Pecou explains that artist work  to present "truth  to power" he encourages us with a Cornel West quote regarding the diffence between success and greatness. He speaks to his work which continues to explore the broad and limited definitions of Black masculinity and what it really means. 

Sheila Pree Bright speaks with us about artists responsibility and her outreach to young artists. She speaks to being on the ground with grassroots protesters from the the Black Lives Matter Movement. Her project Young Americans is a poignant look at Generation Y. She also speaks about an upcoming exhibition entitled Perpetual Revolution.

Credit Marquis Lofton
L-R Fahamu Pecou, Kiplyn Primus, Alfred Conteh and Sheila Pree Bright

These artists also share how their works drive a narrative and can also change the narrative about our community.  They provide information on their upcoming exhibitions and opportunities for engagement with their works.

Special thanks to Clark Atlanta University Alumnus Faron Manuel for amplifying our call to the artistic community in Atlanta. Listen and share our conversation.

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