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The Local Take Talks #RaiseTheAgeGA, Juvenile Justice Reform with Attorney Sherri Jefferson


This week on The Local Take I discuss #RaiseTheAgeGA with attorney Sherri Jefferson.

Ms. Jefferson explains the reasons that she began this quest in 2005. Seventeen year olds are charged as adults and incarcerated with adults.  Even though in every other social construct if you are 17 you are not considered an adult.  You cannot legally buy alcohol or tobacco products, get married or enter the military without your parent's consent.

This year New York and North Carolina raised the age in their states.  

Seventeen year old children who are charged as adults are locked up with actual adults. This results in an environment that is stacked against the young person. Additionally research proves that not charging 17 year olds as adults reduces recidivism

Sherri Jefferson through the African-American Juvenile Justice Project has produced detailed reports on why the criminal age in our state needs to be raised to 18. She is asking our listeners to get behind this push to put a crimp in the school to prison pipeline and give our young people a chance. 

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