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The Local Take talks with Perry Whaley, The Vitiligo Man of Action

Perry Whaley, Kiplyn Primus

This week on the Local Take I speak with Perry Whaley about Vitiligo. Vitiligo is a long term skin disease where people lose pigment in their skin. Mr. Whaley explains that this begin to happen to him as young adult when a small scratch of "white" appeared on his hand.  Then the scratch begin to grow. 

Whaley speaks about losing his confidence in college when the vitiligo progressed to his face and small white spot of skin appeared around his eyes.  Perry goes on to explain that when he reached out for assistance the only place to call upon was a research center in Texas. Eventually he learned about Vitiligo Bond and organization started by Natasha Pierre McCarthy.  It is the only support group for people with vitiligo.  Perry adds that while people of all races can be impacted by vitiligo, people of African descent are most impacted. 

This Vitiligo Man of Action explains how he got his confidence back and his mission to share his story and educate other with and without the condition. 

For more information on Vitiligo Bond and Vitiligo Man of Action