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The Local Take: Maternal Mortality Is Rising, Dr. Karla Booker Explains Why

On the December 2 edition of The Local Take on  Jazz 91.9 WCLK we talked about the Maternal mortality rate, which is rising in the USA.   I first became aware of this research from an article in the Los Angeles Times which indicated that the rates of death are rising most in the African-American community. Then I saw a report from the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) on the same subject. I reached out to Dr. Karla Booker an obstetrician and gynecolgist, who serves on Georgia’s Maternal Mortality Review Committee.

Dr. Booker explains that our state is ranks 49th for maternal mortality. This data includes the deaths of mothers which occur within 12 months of giving birth. Dr. Booker blames this on our for profit healthcare system.

The racial disparities which impact both African-American and Latina-Americans is aligned with the social economic challenges faced by these communities in the United States.

I mention that some women have pre-existing conditions that contribute to maternal mortality.  Dr. Booker describes the average patient mentioning that 67% of African American women are obese or overweight. She also explains how “access” to healthcare impacts this community with some “mothers” not receiving care until after 12 weeks of pregnancy.


For more information, please see links to the articles that we discussed. 

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