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The Local Take Talks Translocation and Transfiguration with Masud Olufani at the Hammonds House


Saturday morning at 8am on WCLK's The Local Take I spoke with artist, actor and author Masud Olufani about his exhibition at the Hammonds House Translocation and Transfiguration.  

I ask Olufani to share with us the idea behind the two words.  He spoke to Translocation being about the human journey, specifically the movement of people including African brought to the United States. He talks about the fact that humans are always moving.  Olufani then speaks about Transfiguration having bibilical implications that he wasn't initially considering. Additionally he speaks to trauma transfiguring people, bringing about creativity to keep living. I ask him if as a Morehouse and SCAD graduate he thought Atlanta influenced his work. 

Olufani shares that parents have the ability to influence a child's creativity in a positive way. He share when he knew that he'd pursue a career as an artist. He speaks to his love of words and how humans use words to communicate culturally. Words mean one thing in the south but may have another meaning in other regions.  

Translocation and Transfiguration is at the Hammonds House through March 22, 2020.

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Whip - 2019 Photo by Russell Kilgore -Olufani speaks to liking words and exploring their meanings.