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Raheem DeVaughn announces the release of his 8th studio album 'What a Time to be in Love'

Raheem DeVaughn

For over a decade, singer Raheem DeVaughn has been on a mission to create music that evokes change while maintaining the energy of love. He recently released the powerful and thought-provoking song, “Marvin Used To Say. ” The poignant and timely song speaks directly to the ongoing social turmoil and the unfortunate fact that not enough has changed since fellow D.C.-native Marvin Gaye asked “What’s Going On?” nearly 50 years ago.

I have always been part or the culture shift of Soul & R&B from a mixtape level to a mainstream industry level since the early 2000s so album number eight, “What A Time To Be in Love” will be no less then nostalgic vibes that not only speak to the consciousness and social climate on the world, but also to the lover in you. It’s a classic album!,” he adds.

What A Time To Be In Love”, produced entirely by The Colleagues, the forthcoming project finds the three-time Grammy Nominated crooner fully embracing what he sees as his social responsibility: to inspire and encourage his listeners as they fight for justice and equality. While the album is defined as Movement MusicDeVaughn recognizes the importance of also nurturing and encouraging the emotional connections needed to sustain us during this fight. As such, fans can also expect the new album to embody and reflect the musical legacy that has earned the singer his place amongst R&B royalty as the “Love King.”

1. WDMG 69.1 (Intro) [featuring R.A Brown & The Colleagues]
2. What A Time To Be In Love [featuring R.A Brown & The Colleagues]
3. Up And Down [featuring The Colleagues]
4. Mr. Midnight [featuring The Colleagues]
5. Marvin Used To Say [featuring The Colleagues]
6. Lawd Help Me [featuring The Colleagues, Mike Phillips, Doug E. Fresh and Kev Brown]
7. Up For Air [featuring The Colleagues]
8. Twilight [featuring The Colleagues]
9. Special Occasion [featuring The Colleagues]
10. Black Fist Cafe (Interlude) [featuring The Colleagues]
11. Deep Deep [featuring The Colleagues]
12. Motions [featuring The Colleagues]
13. Sweet Symphony [featuring The Colleagues]
14. Outer Limits [featuring The Colleagues]