The Local Takes Talks 2020 Census With Georgia Stand-Up

Jul 16, 2019

This week on The Local Take I speak with Deborah Scott, the Executive Director for Georgia Stand-Up. This non-partisan organization is a "Think and Act Tank for Working Communites;" they promote civic engagement and leadership. Ms. Scott speaks directly to the upcoming 2020 Census and what it means for our communities.  

She says it is all about the money.  $900 Billion dollars will be up for distribution and undercounts will mean that our communities will not receive their fair share.  Scott shares that if 1% are missed that will result in a loss between $8M - $18M if 5% are not counted the numbers increase to over $90 million in funding loss to our community. 

The 2020 Census forms will be mailed out in March, 2020. She mentions that they are looking for volunteers to become trained in order to speak with community organizations, churches and schools.  Additionally, the CENSUS is hiring local people to go out into the community to make sure their neighbors are counted. 

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