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The Fulton County District Attorney's Office has a Specialist, Jill Hollander, for Elder Abuse Cases

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Kiplyn Primus
Elder Abuse is rising in our community. There are signs and tips to prevent this in our families and communities.

As our nation’s largest generation ages, elder abuse is rising. Elder abuse involves financial exploitation, with professional scammers taking seniors for their life savings. Unfortunately, it also involves emotional abuse if seniors do not give money or credit cards to family or friends. Abuse in the family is often hard to detect. Jill Hollander is a Fulton County District Attorney’s prosecutor and specializes in family violence and senior abuse.

Hollander explains that elder abuse is a broad category. It entails someone looking to influence, coerce, deceive or abuse access to a person over 65 years old. She also speaks about knowing the “sides.” Those on the outside and those on the inside who may take advantage of a senior.

For those that are outside, keep them out. Hollander emphasizes not answering the phone if you don’t know the number. If it is essential, the person will leave a message or contact you in another way. Do not let people you don’t know inside of your home. Often people will approach you with a sense of urgency. Hollander says you have to “stop and think.” You tell the person as you hang up the phone and close your door.

Hollander also explains how family members may start helping a senior relative pay their monthly bills. Then one day, they “borrow” funds to pay their bills. It starts out as a one-time thing and becomes an every-month thing. This is fraud.

For families, the best way is to work ahead and get explicit power of attorney. Let your family know the plan, who has access to funds, and what they are authorized to do with funds and financial information. Hollander explains that crime thrives in darkness.

If a senior needs immediate assistance, please call 911. If you suspect elder abuse, even with some doubt, it is better to report it to the Department on Aging at 1-866-552-4464. 

For more information, contact the Fulton Country District Attorney’s office at 404-612-4981.

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