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The Barnes Law Office will Host Lunch With Rivablue at their offices on August 30th.

The Women Who Win with The Barnes Law Group are the sponsors for our Lunch With Riva Blue weekly interview series.
The Barnes Law Office website
The Women Who Win with The Barnes Law Group are the sponsors for our Lunch With Rivablue weekly interview series.

Today we’re speaking with one of WCLK’s newest underwriters Latasha Barnes, leader of the “Women Who Win” that’s their tagline law firm. Her firm is made up of Black and Latino women, and they specialize in personal injury challenges. Her firm sponsors our Lunch with Rivablue interviews, and she is hosting a few women for lunch at her offices on August 30th. Ms. Rivablue also plans to be in attendance. For more information, click here or go to Eventbrite and search The Barnes Law Office.

Latasha Barnes grew up in metro Atlanta, and I asked her if becoming a lawyer was a childhood dream or did she come to the career by happenstance. She shares that becoming a lawyer was a childhood dream. Her family tells her that she began saying she wanted to be a lawyer around the age of five years old.

Her firm, The Barnes Law Office, is currently made up of Black and Latina women attorneys and professionals. She explains that it wasn’t deliberate, but it just happened that wonderful, dedicated women joined her team.

Barnes explains that women often bring a more caring touch to their work. Their nature to nurture brings a family feel to the office that extends to their clients. Currently, their firm sponsors our Lunch with Riva Blue weekly interviews with jazz artists visiting our city. On Wednesday, August 30th, they are inviting our listeners to join Rivablue at their offices for lunch with their Women Who Win professionals.

Participants can ask questions about any of their concerns. I ask my question about seniors who want to drive and what caregivers can do to prevent some of the challenges that come with this situation. She shares that AARP offers senior smart driving courses, which can help with insurance costs for seniors. If you have questions or concerns about safe driving and coverage, join us on August 30th for lunch at the Barnes Law Office.

To attend Lunch with Rivablue with the Women Who Win Barnes Law Office go to the eventbrite link here

For more information about the Barnes Law Office