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TRIBUTES & CONDOLENCES: Remembering Tammy Nobles

I met Tammy while volunteering at the KLON radio station during a funding raising pledge drive.  We had become friends and visited each other; my visiting her in Long Beach, and she visiting me in Orange County.  The best meal I had during my 33 years living in southern California, was an incredibly scrumptious Tammy Thanksgiving Day dinner.  All of this, the visits, was shortly before Tammy returned to Atlanta.  Those visits are memorable, and will always be endearing to me.  After Tammy’s return to Atlanta, we remained friends throughout the years exchanging text messages and chatting over the ‘phone a few times each year.  Often, and always with pride, Tammy told me of her mother’s restaurant.  And so I knew, that during my permanent return to the east coast (Philly) I would visit Tammy and treat myself to a dinner at Annie Laura’s Kitchen & Soul Food Restaurant.  The last time Tammy and I chatted she mentioned starting her own restaurant; Tammy was very excited about that, and I was excited for her.  

Realizing that Tammy and I last communicated in April, this past Saturday I tried to reach her.  Sadly, to no avail.  Plagued by a sense of foreboding, a Google search revealed what I feared.  So, just a few minutes ago, I learned of Tammy’s passing.   This is incredibly heartbreaking!  To Tammy’s family, she always spoke fondly of you, and sharing with me a few of the lows, but mostly of the high points of which there were many.  But the love she expressed for each of you was greater than the vastness of the universe.  Tammy loved each and every one of you!


It is my misfortune that I will not get to see my dear friend Tammy.  But my visits with Tammy, and the pleasantness of the tone and quality of Tammy’s voice over the ‘phone I will always remember with a deep and endearing fondness.  Earl Steward, Irvine, CA.


I met Tammy when she first came to Cal State Long Beach.  She must have been 17 or 18 years old.  We volunteered together at KLON, stuffing envelops and working on their clunky computer for the membership department,  that one day she would be the Director of.   We used to goof around a lot with cohorts Russell and HaXuan.   Tammy was always smiling and giggling and that's how I will remember her.  She never had a bad word to say about anyone or anything.  She left  CA years ago and went to work for Evander Holyfield and then back to public radio.  She and I caught up with each other earlier this year and I am so glad after all these years to talk with her again.  She still sounded like that 18 year old, smiling and giggling girl.  I miss you my friend and I hope you are in a better, happier place.   Karen  "aka Tex " Grieder   

Tammy was one of the strongest and smartest women I knew.   She was dedicated to her work and loved WCLK immensely.  I have pleasant memories of her during the holidays, especially Thanksgiving. Long live the Spirit of Tammy Nobles.   Aaron Cohen, Houston, TX / Kenya, East Africa

Tammy was a person that we worked and volunteered with over the years at WCLK Radio.  Everyone that knew Tammy was touched by her presence and attention to detail.   She was an incredible person and will be sorely missed by us all.   Our thoughts, prayers and deepest condolences go out to her family and friends.   Charles & Pam Duncan

My sincere condolences to the loving family members of Tammy Nobles including the WCLK family on this huge loss!  She was a sweet lady who handled WCLK events with ease and extreme professionalism.  Tammy will be greatly missed!   Shenita Connally, Jonesboro, GA

Although I did not know Tammy very long or very well,  I do know that she was always very kind and very helpful to me.  Tammy, may your soul find peace in the hereafter.   Angela Greene, Lawrenceville, GA

We are thinking of you, wishing you hope in the midst of sorrow, comfort in the midst of pain.  Praying for peace and healing.   In Jesus name we pray!   Meria Beasley, Stone Mountain, GA

Prayers and condolences to her family and her WCLK family.  May she RIP.  Bessie Shavers

Thanks to Tammy and all she did with her family at WCLK 91.9 CAU.  Garfon Jung, Thomaston, GA

Tammy was a force.  Nothing was impossible to or for her.  Even more incredible is the grace, gentleness of Spirit, and genuine lightness she brought to her every encounter, be it a challenge or another human.  She absolutely insisted on connecting to the good, an attribute that made her rare among her peers.  She carried and demonstrated that disposition through many a circumstance, ever exemplifying her authentic place in the universe, among the Nobles.  Hers is a rest well earned...in the very sweetest of peace and love.   Donna Brock, Savannah, GA

Dearest Ms. Tammy:   Perhaps I did not know you well however, well enough to know just how special and important you were to the WCLK family and friends.   Your presences, passion, and dedication will certainly be missed by me.   Until we meet again, your volunteer and listening member, Robin Senior, Lithonia, GA


Tammy was loved by all and will be surely missed by all.  Rest In Peace dear sister.  Willis Perry

Thanks for all the beautiful music you put on the air.  James Holladay