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TRIBUTES & MEMORIES: Remembering John "Jay" Edwards


Jay was a nice person and a very informed person.  I  will miss my comrade in faith.    Diane Tesfamariam College Park, GA

John “Jay” Edwards has been a good friend since we met and were classmates at Fisk University in Nashville TN.  His time spent in Detroit at a local radio station became our focal point during our almost 45 year friendship.  When we reconnected during my frequent trips to Atlanta, our spirits never strayed too far away from discussing music and days gone by.  I last spoke to Jay in February 2020 inviting him to join a few classmates at the Suite Food Lounge...but he declined because he wasn’t feeling well.   I’m sorry I didn’t get to talk or visit him before he was called Home.   Rest in Heaven my Friend.    Roger Radcliffe, Southfield, MI

I first met Jay in New York City at an IAJE (International Association for Jazz Educators) conference in the early 90s.   It was Jay and Tommy Simmons, we were all in the lobby of the conference site hotel.  Jim Edwards was there, too.  Jay was the WCLK Jazz Ambassador.  He represented the station from New York to California at various conferences, seminars and festivals.  It seems like Jay knew all the artists, personally.  He had an unmatched love and passion for the music.  I appreciated his knowledge of Jazz.  He knew all genres.  Latin Jazz was his favorite, reflected in his weekly show "Jazz Tones."   Jay was my go-to guy; I could always count on him whenever I needed him for Wednesday WindDown (WWD) at the Park, festivals, when someone was out -- when Jamal was out, Riva, it didn't matter.   Whenever someone was out, I could call on Jay to cover their shift.  Jay was a good man, and he had a big laugh.  The last time I saw Jay we had a good laugh about good times, and he wished me well.  Peace and Love to Jay Edwards.   Aaron Cohen, former program director, WCLK, 2008 - 2018, Houston, TX/Kenya, East Africa


To:  Jay Edwards “The JazzMan.”  Jay was a man who loved his family, his friends and his music.   He never tried to be something he wasn’t, he was truly authentic and one of a kind.   His knowledge, his smile and of course his laugh was beyond compare and absolutely infectious.  If you met him for the first time, it would only take a few words that would ultimately impact your life get you mesmerized in the conversation  and leave you with a memory that would be unmatched.  For me, I was recently left with the final words that I would ever hear him utter: “I love you son.”   As simple as it is to hear those words for me, it cemented in my heart  and memory as the final word I would ever hear from him again.   To hear it as the last words you would ever hear from your parent again is heartwarming and devastating at the same time.   It cuts both ways.   His life was cut from us too soon like a snowflake touching our hand.  He is a beyond any snapshot of a memory, your impact is profoundly deep and your the string in the tapestry of our lives and hearts.  That’s why I’m extremely proud and honor to announce that a foundation is made in your honor.  The Jay Edwards Foundation will continue to touch peoples lives and music that inspire them.  We love you dad.   Your Son, Dionysius Fibonacci Jeremiah Edwards Holkmann, New York 

I met Jay at a concert a couple of years ago. I didn't know his face but I knew that voice.   When he spoke to me I said, "Man, I know that voice from WCLK."  His voice always reminded me of Gil Scott Heron.  I was so impressed with his knowledge of the music we love and his connection with Jazz and the artists that produced the music.  Rest in Jazz Heaven Brother Jay.  Darryl Hines, Duluth, GA
Just want to say I’ll really miss Mr. Jay Edwards.   I looked forward to my educational Jazz session on his show on Sunday at 3:00 p.m. and was really expecting to hear his voice at any moment.   He knows a good friend of mine who attended a lot of  Jazz concerts at Emory or other places.   Anytime they ran into each other they would tease each other about this or that.   I was always stuck in the middle and would beg to get out of the way.   Jay would say, "no, you stay right there.”   Such a fun guy who will really be missed.    Wynette Hammons, Atlanta, GA

For all the good times that we had, all the experiences that we shared.   No one will ever believe the fun water fights and how we ran to hide from each other to avoid getting soaked.   The Jazz and the Pizzazz from New York to Atlanta and New York again.  I send my deepest condolences to the family as well as myself.   I/we will truly miss you and I'm glad we were friends to the end.    Love, Pat Allen,  Fayetteville, GA

So sorry to hear of the passing of Jay Edwards.  His Sunday afternoon show was so great.  RIP Jay.   Bill Norman, Atlanta, GA

Just wanted to say how bad I feel about the loss of my friend Jay.  Don’t know how long I’ve been knowing him but it’s been a minute, at least 20 yrs, my kids and his went to the same high school.   I think we met when I did sound for a Jazz show he was promoting.    We hit it off and remained friends.   I probably only heard him on the radio a few times...though he and I shared the same tastes in music and would argue/discuss music, mostly he and I were running buddy’s.    Jay liked a good party and good music.   He was an excellent party DJ and liked to dance.   He was my goto buddy when I was looking for something to do.   He always knew where the happenings were.   Imma miss him but I’m glad he’s not sick anymore.   God bless you and your family.   Louis “Bolaji” Bailey, East Point, GA


I met Jay Edwards about three years ago and he gave me a wonderful career advice.   He played my 2017 recording ”Awakenings” and gave me a wonderful interview and AirPlay.    My condolences to the family and friends of Jay.    Michelle Coltrane, Woodland Hills, CA 

Playing Jazz is a true labor of love.   You work hard to earn the respect that  you feel you deserve.   Jay Edwards was a true original just like the legends who he would interview and play their music on the radio.  Just like the loss of Wallace Roney or MCcoy Tyner, the Jazz radio community has loss one of its LEGENDS.   I  heard about Jay before I met him.  We met at an APAP event and become great friends and [he] was a MAJOR help to me.   ...showing me how to  navigate my recordings.   He was aways giving great advice to me about how  Jazz radio works.  I WILL truly miss our conversations and Thank You Jay for being so real.  Thank you for all the support when I came to play at The Velvet  Note  in 2017 and 2019.  You were one of the BEST GONE TOO SOON.   [I] will always remenber all the great conversations and interviews you gave me.  Rest in Power.    Eric Wyatt

Jay Edwards arrived at WCLK in 2000 and we became instant friends, and remained friends for the rest of time.   Jay was a fellow NY’er and we became not only close friends but because of Jay’s love for Latin Jazz & Salsa he also became a colleague and supporter of the music even after my departure from WCLK in 2006.   Jay worked with me during my WCLK days, and over the years he maintained a close relationship with me and helped to support my  work as consultant to Georgia State University’s (GSU) Rialto Center for the Arts International Music Series.   Over the course of my 16 years at GSU/Rialto Center for the Arts, I could always count on Jay’s help to support and promote the Latin Music presentations of the Rialto Series each and every year.   ...how many times, we worked on-air together, and how much friendship and love for the music we shared!  My friend, Jay Edwards, my brother and colleague.   You will be missed, and I’m proud and honored to have known you and to call you my brother.   Rest in Peace.  Thank you for your sincere and honest friendship over the years.  My best.    Tomas Algarin, MBA Associates

I first met Jay Edwards at the Jazz Education Network Conference in 2013 through my association with the African American Jazz Caucus (AAJC), an organization I’m now the executive director.   Since meeting Jay has always been supportive of me and my career as an educator and scholar and most recently as recording artist.   He would make a point to call me regularly to stay in touch.  We would talk about my latest academic projects, I would give him an update on AAJC matters, and then he would talk about his own ambitions about going back to school.   He would tell me he was proud of me and to “keep doing my thing.”   One of his last projects before his transition was helping me  with my recording project.   In one our routine conversations, he called me find out why he never got a CD from me.    After fussing at me for not having already released it, and then declared, “ok I see I’m going to have to stay on your butt, because if I don’t, another year will pass and we will still be having this same conversation.”  I can still hear his voice.  He was such a caring, genuine, encouraging, and supportive mentor.   I didn’t even know the extent of his illness as we talked these past six (6) months because he didn’t complain.   I will miss him dearly.  To the family: Thank you for sharing Jay.   He was a wonderful man and I know his legacy will continue through the work of all those he supported.    Dr. Trineice Robinson-Martin, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ  

Jay was a very good friend and former coworker at FedEx.   We also volunteered at community radio WRFG.   Jay went over to WCLK and we often chatted and he would sometimes give me tickets to Jazz concerts around Atlanta.  He was so cool and would call me sometimes when I was on air at WRFG and tell me that I was doing a great job.   Whenever I saw him out and about he was always playful.   Missing my friend and now they can enjoy Jazz Tones in Heaven.   Rita Toney Jones, Atlanta, GA

God bless the Edwards family.   Been a listener for over 20 years and Jay was like that wise uncle who you would get advice from on all things.   I'm going to miss that "calming, everything's going to be alright" voice at the end of the week.   I became more of a lover of Jazz and my seven year old daughter too because of Jay.   Thank you for blessing me Jay.   Robert Barnes, Marietta, GA

My heart and condolences go out to the Edwards family.   Jay was such an awesome person to be around.   I first met Jay many years ago when he came into a suit store I managed and I had WCLK on the radio there.   We became friends that day!   I appreciated him for always sharing his vast knowledge of Jazz with me.   I saw the first Snarky Puppy concert in Atlanta with him.   My wife and I enjoyed the sessions at Georgia Tech that he hosted.   I will always remember that laugh he had and his smile!   RIP Jay you will be truly missed.   Keith Lacey

Retiring from Detroit, Michigan in 2012, My wife Wendy and I decided to make Georgia our new home.  Not realizing until today that Jay Edwards and Detroit WJZZ 's " SUNDAY NIGHT SUBWAY " host John Edwards was one in the same.    My wife and I recorded dozens of cassette tapes during the 70's &  80's and to this date still treasure the music.   Truly saddened by his death and thankful to have experienced the listening pleasure he provided.   Gregory & Wendy Williams  

I met Jay in 2000, the year after I moved to Atlanta.  I was a newcomer in the Jazz scene but, Jay actually knew about me from my work with the group “Straight Ahead.”   He took me under his wing and became very supportive of my work as a drummer.   When I started performing at “Church Hill Grounds” with Jacque Lesure, he would come and hang and we had many conversations about Jazz, music and life.   His laugh was hearty and he was funny, he kept me laughing on many days.   We were starting to formulate a plan for me to produce a solo project in 2002 when my mother took ill and I had to move back to Detroit.  We reconnected again when I came out with my project, “McKinFolk The New Beginning.”   He was immediately supportive and gave me an interview on WCLK.  I feel we have lost a great advocate for Jazz in the city of Atlanta and beyond.  I will miss him greatly.   Rest easy Jazzy Jay, enjoy your elite status in the Heavens, with those Jazz masters that have gone before you.   Peace, Love and Blessings to the family.  Gayelynn McKinney, Beatstix Music, Detroit, MI


I’m so saddened to hear we lost Jay Edwards.  I will miss Jay and our conversations about music.  My deepest condolences to his family, friends at WCLK and around the world.   RIP Jay Edwards.   Denise Donatelli, Los Angeles, CA


Sending prayers and condolences to the Edwards family.  I was a coworker with John for many years at FedEx Express and one of his many avid listeners on the radio.   He was a wonderful coworker and friend.  Rest in Heaven.   Eunice Hightower , Douglasville, GA

I have been a WCLK Jazz fan for 20 years, and I am deeply saddened by the passing of Mr. Jay Edwards.  I loved listening to him on Jazz Tones every Sunday evening between 3:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.   My condolescences go to his family and friends.  He will be deeply missed.   Tracey M. Alford

OMG!   As usual I'm listening to my favorite Jazz station and I hear the announcement about Jay Edwards' passing!   I'm a longtime Jazz aficionado and when I moved here from LA 10 years ago, I didn't think that I would find a radio station that could match LA's KKJZ, but was delighted to find WCLK and it's program hosts.   Jay Edwards was my favorite and a big component of my Sunday afternoon R&R.   He was so knowledgeable and I loved hearing his anecdotes.   I managed to talk to him a few times and he was so gracious.   What a huge loss to the Atlanta Jazz community!  RIP and condolences to his family.    Janice Stayshich, Clarkston, GA

Saddened to hear of the lost of my dear friend of many years.   I met John “Jay” over 30 years ago we were FedEx coworkers.   We quickly developed a close friendship, both growing up in New York we would share hours of memories of that experience.   We also shared our mutual interest in the rich history of the Harlem Renaissance, and strong Spiritual values.   I last spoke with John “Jay” at Laster Chapel Church, on March 15, 2019, he was being honored with the Cornelius Award (outstanding award for your concern of others in need) by Rev. Samuel Townsend.   Rest easy my friend you will be missed.  Joey Lathan,  Marietta, GA

On May 12 , 2020 my good friend Jay made the peaceful transition to set up Jazz Tones with the ancestors.  I’m going to miss him, but I’m sure he’s settling things up for me and my arsenal of Shea butter products (he actually whispered that to his main man).   Jay was the Ambassador of good, kind will.  A giant of men.  I love that Harlem Renaissance man, as do sooooo many others.   I could go on for days...rest for now my brother.   This is a fabulous platform for our main man!!!  Gregory Flamer  

Jay Edwards your sultry voice, vivacious spirit and personality will truly be missed.  May your sunset be as warm and golden as the afternoons spent listening to you on WCLK 91.9 FM, and the gifts you shared of your childhood and adult memories of acquiring a love of Jazz, your favorite Jazz artist and all the intimate local spots throughout New York and the world with such a diverse listening audience.   This life is a fleeting moment, and it goes up in vapor in comparison to the concepts we conceive as time; your infectious laughter and voice will never be forgotten.   Rest In Peace.  Respectfully.   J. Naeemah McDonald Peck, WCLK Membership Volunteer & Sustaining Member, Atlanta, GA

Jay and my husband, George Nock have been friends for many years, long before George and I were married.  When I first met Jay it was as if I'd known him forever.   He was funny, smart, informative, just a great guy.  He was like a brother to both George and me.   We could always count on him to turn us on to the best and unique restaurants and the quaint venues for Jazz.   We are deeply saddened for his family's loss, for our loss, for those who knew and loved him loss and for the universal communities loss of a great man and humanitarian. I am a poet and my thoughts to Jay's family are: 


Rest in Heaven Jay. Love always. George and Mary Nock, Lawrenceville, GA

Lovely man . I met him and his wife at an event at the Wrens Nest years ago.   I looked forward to Jazz Tones on WCLK on Sundays.  Loved hearing his voice and his knowledge and his Jazz choices.    A Jazz star.   He will be missed  thanks for the memories.   Sandy Teep, Atlanta, GA

I am heartbroken to have lost my dear friend, a quiet giant in our Jazz community, Jay Edwards.   I mourn the loss for myself but also for so many others, because Jay was an important source of support and a deep well of knowledge for many.   He showed up for everyone, as a relentless supporter of this music, and connected so many artists, young and more established, local and international, with audiences.   I met Jay some years ago, as I was working hard as an independent artist to launch my own original music project.    He listened closely and supported me.   It was very special to me because he was open and receptive to everything, but most importantly, had a discerning ear.    He was interested in what you said both in the music, and outside of it.  And, once he heard you, he then served as conduit, sharing your music and message with others, and there were many others because everyone listened to Jay.    I am learning now that Jay played a truly instrumental role in bringing new artists to established Jazz audiences.    He did this not only for me, but for an entire group of young innovators.   On top of this focus on the music he loved and his service to it, Jay was a loyal, honest, present friend.   I am so grateful to have had many a frank conversations with him about this business and the art form.  I always left those talks inspired and motivated.    Jay's voice, his Jazz Tones on WCLK, listened to and appreciated by so many, as well as his down to earth, truth-telling personality will be sorely missed.  Aimée Allen, New York, NY

I send my sincerest condolences to the Edwards Family.   Jay will truly be missed.  I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet Jay because of my relationship with my childhood friend Vaughn Thomas.   When I recorded my CD “A Taste of Scavella,” he gave Jay a copy.   Shortly after he received it he began playing specific tracks from it.   He told me that he really dug “The Bruhs.”   Jay was instrumental in bringing me to Atlanta to perform in several Jazz concerts.   During one of those concerts, I wrote “V and Jay,” which was my way of saying thanks to the two men who believed in me.   Jay was a special, kind, and supportive person, who always encouraged me to look beyond today and strive for the future.    I was proud when I recorded “V and Jay” on my latest CD “ The Way I Feel.”    When Jay heard it once again, he said “man that tune really surprised me and knocked me out."   Jay, thank you for your kindness and support throughout the years. Rest in peace, you have done a great job.    Bernard Scavella, South Holland, IL

A chance telephone conversation with Jay changed my life.  I had reached out to him after I had found out that he had been playing my CD at WCLK.   When we first spoke he was so gracious and supportive we decided to stay in touch and in a short time he had become my mentor.   Jay was full of love of the music, had a real grasp of the Jazz world and was such a warm person.   I am so glad I got to learn from this man, who was so full of wisdom and kindness.   His passing is a great loss for all of us.   Russell Spiegel 

I will truly, truly miss the calmness and coolness of Jay and his Sunday afternoon set!   His style was very relaxing, the music was always, ALWAYS on point, and his soothing voice always put in me a Sunday afternoon state of mind.   Soar on and take your place with God and the giants of music Jay Edwards – you have earned your place in immortality.  My sincerest condolences to the family and to the WCLK family.  Karen Walker, Atlanta, GA 


Jay Edwards was one of the smoothest, most loyal, most generous staples of the artistic community a person could ever ask for.   He was notorious for giving people a shot who may or may not have actually deserved it.   But he was foresighted and savvy enough to know that the opportunity provided today could inspire the up and coming artist to grow into their own worthiness.   I was one of those young up and comers, back in 1999 when he along with WCLK’s station manager took it upon themselves to give myself and my band at the time (Rio Negro) various opportunities to shine on major stages.  He played our Debut CD regularly on air, interviewed us frequently, and involved us in many WCLK sponsored events giving us a sense of belonging in the big leagues!   In the course of my college career, we actually started to become exactly what he told us we could be.  It was that initial belief in our potential that stayed with me well beyond my college years, and it even returned in full circle fashion upon my acceptance of the position as the Director of Bands for Morehouse College.  Throughout the years, I could count on this brother to help me not only in terms of support on the local scene, but his reach as a brother in arms extended much farther, even into my endeavors overseas.   Jay Edwards was royalty amongst us as far as I am concerned, and I plan on remaining devoted to honoring his legacy the best way I know how.   Rest in Power, and Thank you for showing us all how it’s done brother!   Melvin Jones, Atlanta, GA


When I was told about Jay passing, I immediately played Miles Davis, Kind Of Blue and My Favorite Things by John Coltrane.   I remember Jay playing then so often.   Jay was widely respected in the Jazz community, locally and nationally.   I have heard from artist around the country giving condolences.    He was also well respected for his body of work from other Jazz announcers and stations in Atlanta, like WABE and WRFG and around the country.   When I saw Jay at Jazz clubs or Jazz concerts, I would always jokily tell him, I knew I was at the right place to hear some authentic Jazz.   Plus, Jay was always willing to talk Jazz.   He was truly a Jazz Head.  Richard A. Dent, chair, WCLK Advisory Board

I too must mention the sadness I felt when I heard of Jay Edward's passing.   Jay's show on Sunday has been a part of my life for years!   I'll truly miss the interviews and Jay's grand knowledge of good music. Listening to Jay was what I looked forward to every Sunday!   His knowledge and love for real music touched me tremendously!  I'll see you on the other side my brother.   Arthur Usher, Atlanta, GA

Very saddened to hear about Mr. Edwards transition.   Although I'm happy to know he's no longer in pain.   He will be truly missed.   He was so knowledgeable when it came to what has now become one of my favorite genres, Jazz which because of figures like him I've gained such an appreciation for.   To his family and closest friends please accept my deepest condolences.  Andrew Dennis Douglasville, GA

Jay Edwards, what a guy.   Being an artist and being appreciated by an on air radio personality who KNOWS music is always the cherry on top of the labor we pour into our projects.   Jay was one of these knowledgeable and appreciative people.   I DO need to share a super funny thing that happened probably in 2014.   I sometimes over the years listen to WCLK online, (having first found out about the station while Nicole Sweeney was interviewing a friend of mine.   I tuned in to listen, and after the interview kept the station on.   Jamal Ahmad’s show was next).   I became a fan of the station and the DJ’s from that day on.  Jay had started playing the single from my 2013 record.   One day, I had his show on.   He was playing my song ‘Magic’…except his mic was open, and I (along with everyone!)  heard him sing, (in THAT voice)  “the way you’re playing is like Magic!”   The entire double chorus ;-)   it was the best, and I laugh now (again) as I write this.   It’s always a bit of a rush to hear people sing your songs, but this was next level!   After he had played that song for quite awhile, he asked me if I had other music I could send him.   I sent him a copy of my unreleased 1997 recording.   Sure enough, he found a song (Passage to Paris) that he embraced.   He asked me how I came up with the lyrics for the song, showing he REALLY listened.   He played that song for a long time too, so I ended up finally releasing a 1997 recording in 2014 because of Jay.    Finally, in 2016 we met in New York at the Jazz Conference thingy.   We had a really nice little hang, and I was introduced to the funny, light side of him there.   :-)  I’m just grateful to have gotten to know Jay a bit.   He definitely has a little place in my Heart even though I didn’t know him really well.   That’s the thing about really special people…we might not know them well, but they still leave a lovely imprint in your Life and Heart.   Gina Kronstadt, Los Angeles, CA

Rest well, Jay, my fellow Eulipion, in your final peace, beyond desires and beyond regrets at which we all may arrive eventually.   Willis Perry, Atlanta, GA.   

Jay was a kind soul.  He went out of his way to bring my late brother violinist John Blake here from Philly to perform at Rev. Dwight Andrew's First Congregational Church in Atlanta for a Jazz Vespers concert.   He meticulously organized the process of getting me to give him John's contact info and facilitated the rest.   My brother was sick at the time but was excited about the event. Jay emceed the concert which was a huge success and well attended.  Our condolences to the family.  Alan and Lita Blake, Stone Mountain, GA

May the God of ALL Grace and Comfort strengthen the family and friends of Mr. Jay Edwards!   I will always remember the pre-concert gatherings led by Mr. Edwards.  RIP JAY!!!  Sandy Mitchell IV, Atlanta, GA via Norristown, PA

I will miss Jay, not only did I enjoy the music, it was like being a  sponge in a music  class for me.  Peace and Blessings to his family and the WCLK family.  RIP Jay.   Te Merritt , Atlanta, GA

Thank God for blessing us with your presence.  RIH and thank you Jay Edwards for the years of sharing your sweet voice, music and your knowledge with us.   We’re blessed to have tuned in with you.   You’re deeply missed.  Condolences and prayers of comfort to your family and the WCLK team.  Barbara Owens, Alpharetta, GA

Jay Edwards and I were both from Harlem, New York.   Jay discovered he had  “The Voice, ”  for radio once he moved to Atlanta.   With his great voice and his tremendous knowledge and love for Jazz, the combination was a perfect marriage.    When he incorporated Brazilian Jazz, his show was off and running!    Jay’s listeners loved the Brazilian sound and tuned into 91.9 WCLK to hear more of those fascinating rhythms.  He loved the arts including the theater.   Whenever I gave a performance of  “A Conversation Between Malcolm X and President Obama, ” a play I wrote in 2009, I was sure to find Jay Edwards in the audience.   Although busy, he made time to come to the Auburn Avenue Research Library to hear the stage reading of my play, Bitter Fruit, in 2016.   He supported and encouraged creativity.  On a personal note, although I never met them, Jay was very proud of his children.   His conversations were peppered with quotes from his mother whom he dearly loved but he was a proud father and often spoke lovingly of his children.  “Round Midnight, ” the words to a Jazz tune, was when we were to meet, no date, no time, just “Round Midnight,” a sweet joke between us.   I'll miss his humor, his laughter, his gentlemanly ways.  John Jay Edwards was my friend and a CLASS ACT and I will miss him greatly.   Sleep, sweet prince.  Jacqueline Clay Chester, Atlanta, GA

Condolences to the family of our legendary friend, Jay Edwards.   Remembering the warm spirit, infectious laugh, and a truly distinctive voice that educated all of us.  My first encounter with that voice dates back a thousand years ago when Jay was an on-air personality at WJZZ, former Jazz station in Detroit.  The formal introduction occurred when that familiar voice landed on my ear at a WCLK event and I immediately confirmed this was in fact who I thought it was.  What an incredible historian and teacher in the art of Jazz.  How can one person hold all that knowledge!   We can forever celebrate the life of Jay Edwards.  RIH my friend.     Tequila Moore, Atlanta, GA

I met Jay when I volunteered last year.  It  was a pleasure meeting him.  My condolences to his family and his Jazz family as well.  May he RIP.   Shirl Clancy, Ellenwood, GA

Very very saddening to hear of Jay's passing.   I often listened to Jazz Tones expecting to learn something I didn't know about the art of Jazz, and Jay never disappointed.   Our loss is Heavens gain. My condolences to his family and his WCLK 91.9 colleagues.  Sabrina Thomas, Lithonia, GA

I would like to express my sincerest condolences to Jay's family and to the WCLK staff.  Jay was always an absolute professional and a delight to hear him work his magic.  I will miss his deep knowledge of Jazz music and his vibrant personality.  Alexis Peterson 


So saddened to learn of the passing of Jay Edwards.   We first met him while we were volunteering during the pledge drive.   We always saw Jay out at various Jazz concerts, WCLK events and the Atlanta Jazz Festival.  He always met me and my husband with kind words and good conversation.    Sincere condolences to his family, friends and the WCLK family.  Jay will be missed.   Kimberly & Dana Barbee, Atlanta, GA

Jay Edwards will certainly be missed for his dedication and love of the music art form. Thank you Jay for sharing your knowledge and love of music!   Much appreciated, farewell!!!  Tony/Roseann Merchant 

So sorry to hear about the loss of Mr. Edwards.  God bless his family.   Craig Wilson, Atlanta, GA 

Jay, I will miss your show and talking with you at Jazz events around the city.   Your energy, enthusiasm and love made this world a better place.   Rest In Power.   Henry Brent, Decatur, GA

I'm so sad to hear of the passing of Jay Edwards.  His Sunday afternoon [show] was the best!  And he thankfully added great Latin Jazz to it.   I truly loved him.   We'd met on certain occasions at concerts or at the Atlanta Jazz Fest.  [I] used to call him on his great  Sunday show.  RIP Jay.   Bill Norman

My friend from WRFG days.  That LAUGH!  DeBorah Rowser

My wife and I enjoyed spending Sunday afternoons with Jay.   Thank you, kind sir, for sharing your anointing with us.    Father, I ask that you comfort all of us who grieve now, knowing with utmost confidence that Your joy and peace will return to use soon.   Thank you.   In Jesus’ name, Amen.  The Davis’, Chester, VA

We have been a member of the WCLK listening family since 1974.   We offer our condolences to Jay’s family and staff at WCLK.    May he be serenaded by the smooth songs he played for his audience.   Mr. & Mrs. Birdel Jackson, Alpharetta, GA  

Shocking news.  Jay was really one of the good guys.  …so sorry and condolences to his family.   Rojene Bailey, Douglasville, GA

Jay Edwards was a true Jazz aficionado.  He was so incredibly knowledgeable about Jazz.  He was a walking encyclopedia on Jazz history and musicians.  I learned so much from listening to his show, Jazz Tones, every Sunday.  My condolences to his family and colleagues at one of the best Jazz stations in the country - WCLK.  He will be truly missed but not forgotten.   Pamela Smith, Atlanta, GA

Another tree has fallen.   Another library closed.   A great brother has gone across the river.   He loved people and he loved the music.    What a voice.    May Allah’s peace be upon him.  Akbar Imhotep,  Atlanta, GA

As Executive Director and Founder of Young Adult Guidance Center, Inc. of Atlanta, I offer my deepest sympathy to the family of Jay Edwards.   It was always a pleasure to hear Mr. Edwards each Sunday evening, we will miss his dynamic and elegant voice.   Marion L Simpson

I met Jay Edwards in 2019 during a WCLK Spring campaign fundraiser while serving as a volunteer on SOUL of Jazz with Jamal Ahmad.   Jay was a gentle giant with a peaceful and kind spirit.   He supported me as an entrepreneur and purchased a couple of my soy candles.   Jay was also instrumental in connecting me with one of his friends who sold shea butter in bulk from Ghana.  This was a blessing that I needed to reduce my costs in the production of the natural skincare products that I make.   I will always remember his gentle and supportive spirit.   Rest in Heaven my friend.  Leslie Nicole Harmon, Ellenwood, GA

I felt so empty inside after reading about it on Facebook. The news release does some justice to this man's incredible and lengthy legacy.   Jay was not only a person who played the music but he never shied away from sharing the history of it.   Bless you all at WCLK!!!  Still mourning his departure.  Charlette

Wow.  So sad to lose Jay! Been listening to him for many years! He was not only a part of the 91.9 family, but was a part of every fan and listeners musical family and routine.  Much love to him, his family and friends!  His unique style and voice will live on in our memories, until we all meet again on the paradise Earth and live the real life we were created for!   Ray Beaty, Woodstock, GA

Jay was always kind and welcoming to me, even before I joined the board.  I enjoyed his shows and always learned something new about Jazz artists.  His passion for Jazz education for future generations was inspiring. While I did not know him as well as most people at the station you wouldn’t know that by the way he befriended me.  May he rest in peace.  Tom RowlandDirector of Marketing, Sponsorships & Programming, Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre  and Jazz 91.9 WCLK Adivsory Board Member

So sorry for your loss of Jay Edwards, my deepest condolences to you all and his family.  I'll be pray for him and his family. Jay used to be my manager a few years ago, he selected a Latin Jazz tune called "Picadillo" composed by Tito Puente for me to revibe and record to be on my latest album, Illusion Of Love. I Thank him very much and  I will miss his friendship very much.  Madoca Kawahara

My condolences.  I am so sorry for your loss.  Sending my love and prayer during this time of grief.  Thanks for keeping us informed because we are all a part of the WCLK Family.  He will truly be missed.   Toni Redd

He’s my granddad, and I miss him dearly.  Than you for honoring him.  He was truly legendary.  Simone Barbee

As we were blessed by the mere presence of this icon, he will be missed by the many lives he touched.  Rest well, Sir. Kipper Jones

Jay will be missed…  J Fly

My prayers and deepest condolences are with the WCLK family and Mr. John "Jay" Edwards' family.  Angela P Moore, Publicist & CEO, APM Public Relations & Co.

My condolences to Jay’s family and WCLK.  Brandon Foster, Georgia

An iconic voice on my Sunday evening drive!  Honestly [Jay] became a voice of comfort.   Matthew Gillies, Georgia

Blessings to Mr. Edwards’ spirit and sending comfort to his family.  Freda Bonita

RIH.  We will miss you my friend.  Rodney Evans, host, Joy in the Morning, Jazz 91.9 WCLK

Yes! Jay you were a legend sir!  Anthony J.

Truly a WCLK stalwart!  John Jolly