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The Local Take: Wealth Building With Sonia Booker

Sonia Booker Wealth Builder

This week I speak with Sonia Booker (www.soniabooker.com) a real estate developer, author and motivational speaker who is all about paying it forward.  In the March 2017 edition of O Magazine, Sonia is listed a leading woman in Atlanta.  Booker is hosting a "Self Wealth for Women" event on March 18 to celebrate 12 other women in our community who are building generational wealth. 

With April being financial literacy month, on April 1, Sonia Booker is hosting an I BUILD WEALTH WORKSHOP at the East Point Impact Center for community members aged 13 and up. There is no charge to attend this event. She explains that she was mentored to by some of the greats, including master developer, H. J. Russell, and she is compelled to share her knowledge.  Each participant will receive a workbook and leave the conference with a customized plan for their financial goals. 

In addition, Sonia speaks about gentrification in Atlanta, buying real estate  early, and that we should embrace real estate as a slow but steady investment. Ms. Booker shares with us what we should look to do with inherited property that you're paying taxes on but not utilizing fully.  Sonia also speaks about a young graduate student who is purchasing her first home. 

Join the "I have a Plan Team" on April 1 at the East Point Impact Center from 9:00 AM until 12:30PM.

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