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Movement Veteran Dr. Doris Derby--Photographer, Archivist, Documentarian--On The Local Take

Dr. Doris Derby--Photojournalist, Activist

During the week leading up to the Martin Luther King Holiday, I spoke with Dr. Doris Derby, co-founder of the Free Southern Theater, photo-journalist, documentarian and founding Director of Georgia State University's Office of African American Student Services and Programs.  Dr. Derby speaks about her time in SNCC  during the Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi. She talks about her work at Tougaloo College and the founding of the Free Southern Theater.  She speaks about taking the theater's productions to small towns throughout Mississippi registering people to vote.

Kiplyn Primus, Dr. Doris Derby

She speaks about the role of artist during a time of resistance. She offers advice to the young artist, encouraging them to reflect the times in which they create. 

Dr. Derby speaks to about several events including a recent talk with photographer Sheila Pree Brightwhere their work was shown together. She shares with us that she is still working with students producing documentaries. 

You can follow Dr. Derby through the Dashboard Gallery where her work is exhibited and The Atlanta Black Theatre Festivalwhere she was honored in 2017.

For more information on Dr. Derby and her fascinating history