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The Local Take Talks July 24 Georgia Primary Runoff, Voter Apathy, Russian Bots

Saturday morning at 8am on The Local Take on WCLK  I talked with Clark Atlanta University Professor Dr. William Boone and Pioneer Blogger and Editor Yalanda Lattimore, founder of Dryerbuzz, to talk about the general malaise around this political season. Georgia's Primary Election Runoff takes place Tuesday, July 24. The General Election will take place November 6.

From many Democrats in our state unaware that they have a responsibility to vote on July 24th, to people campaigning and sharing their fustration on social media , I ask our guests their thoughts on this moment in our history.  

Yalanda Lattimore shares some history behind the Facebook technical platform, and how it has been susceptible to political influence, including from so called 'Russian bots'.  Dr. Boone explains how our democracy is actually built upon excluding people from voting. We talk about Washington State, where rules allow voting by mail, and voter participation is high.  In Georgia you can request an absentee ballot for any reason to vote by mail. Request an absentee ballot here.

From the trade war to our state's upcoming run-off on July 24th we talk about the opportunities and pitfalls that our communities face as many have stopped voting and now some are tuning off all together from the media coverage of our current national administration. It would seem that these are reasons to be even more active. 

Yalanda explains that we all need to be focused on 2019 because that is when the work will be done. Dr. Boone shares that it hard to make political predictions as people often vote against their interest.

If you are registered to vote, please participate in the July 24th Run-Off races, both parties have issues and candidates on the ballot. Find your polling place

If you are not registered to vote, please register to vote so that you can participate in the November  6th midterm elections. Register to vote here

To find out if you're registered to vote click here

For more information about Yalanda Lattimore founder of Dryerbuzz

For more information about Dr. William Boone