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July 21: Fibroids Awareness Month On The CheckUp With Dr. Courtney Shelton, MD

Join Dr. Courtney M. Shelton, MD for The CheckUp on WCLK Saturday morning at 8:30am for an important discussion about women's health. Dr. Shelton is joined by Dr. John C. Lipton, MD, FSIR  with the Atlanta Fibroid Center. July is Fibroid Awareness Month. Fibroids are non-malignant tumors that exist within or on the uterus. Eighty percent of all women will develop fibroids by age fifty. That number balloons up to nearly 90 percent for African-American women, who are three times as likely to be negatively affected by them. For many African-American women, larger fibroids with heavy bleeding can develop at a younger age. Dr. Shelton and Dr. Lipman will discuss the condition, how it can be treated, and how many women have needless hysterectomies when there are alternative treatments available.  

For more information about fibroids and the Atlanta Fibroid Center, click here.

Change The Cycle is dedicated to fibroid awareness. You can reach them here.

Dr. Courtney Shelton, Dr. John Lipman