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The Local Take talks University for Parents with Brenda Coleman

Saturday morning at 8am on WCLK's The Local Take I talked with Brenda Coleman about the University for Parents.  We often hear there is no school for parenting--but now there is for Metro Atlanta.  Ms. Coleman explains that the University for Parents came out of the Susan L. Taylor National Cares Mentoring Movement. While mentoring young people the mentors became aware that parents needed some support as well and the Univerity for Parents was born. 

The University for Parents is built on 3 semesters (15 weeks) in the Fall, Spring and Summer.  Parents who completed the courses will receive a certification.  Classes are offered throughout the year and are available to any caregiver for children including aunts and grandparents. 

Some parents are court-ordered to participate and often attend beyond their requirements.  Coleman shares how many graduates feel after completing the program.  

On June 22nd the University for Parents will host a fundraiser Golf Tournament featuring Roland Martin. 

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