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The Local Take: Homeowner Education With Resources for Residents and Communities


Saturday morning at 8am on WCLK's The Local Take I spoke with Mitch Brown the Executive Director for Resources for Residents and Communities (RRC).  The organization began in the Reynoldstown community and has grown to become a resource for many communities. 

I ask Mr. Brown about the classes that they offer. He shares that they offer classes year round and that the course being offered between now and May include a Homebuyer Education and Home Purchase Renovation Loan.  

We speak about gentrification and their organization, and Brown instructs people to get to know their neighbors and community members.  He speaks highly of the nosey neighbor who not only knows everything, she or he knows how to get things done. He also encourages participation at the Neighborhood Planning Unit/NPU. 

When asked about the people who are successful using ther RRC courses, he says that people are at different places in their planning.  Some are ready to move tomorrow, others are just beginning the process. He explains that students looking for convenient houses and seniors who maybe downsizing can all benefit from resources at the RRC. 

Brown speaks about the year-round services  and events from the RRC. 

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