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The Local Take: March 10 Is National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awarness Day

This week on  WCLK's The Local Take (Saturday mornings at 8am) I talk with Dr. Zandretta Tims-Cook, founder of the Heather Ivy Society, and E. L., a member who has been living with HIV for 27 years.  I ask Dr. Tims-Cook why she felt the need to start an organization that spoke directly to women.  She speaks about the number of women in our communities who contract HIV through no real fault in their behavior. She speaks about women and girls believing that they are in monogamous relationships only to learn that they are not.  85% of women who acquired HIV believed they were in monogamous relationships

E. L. shares that she is now forced to have those uncomfortable conversations that she recommends women have voluntarily with their partners to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS.  

Both women agree that the stigma and shame around prevention and living with HIV/AIDS ends with education.  Sex is a common activity between most humans at some point and must be approached differently no matter your age.  

There is a 40%  increase in new cases of HIV every year. New drugs for the prevention of HIV such as PrEP and others can help to combat the spread.  Safe sex with a condom after an honest conversation is still recommended for sexually active teens and adults. 

Dr. Tims-Cook explains that the Heather Ivy Society also shares resources for community members and groups. 


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The Heather Ivy Society provides support to women and girls for the prevention of HIV and resources for those living with HIV.