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The Local Take: Faith in a Pandemic with Apostle Darryl Winston

Saturday morning at 8am on WCLK's The Local Take I began reaching out to faith leaders to help talk us through the pandemic.  We started with my former classmate, Apostle Darryl Winston from Greater Works Ministries in Atlanta's Lakewood Community.

I ask him about faith during a crisis, he shares that “crises” comes from a word that means to separate and that some are born in a crisis.  He speaks about the faith of our fathers and our mothers.  We speak about the resilience of our community and I ask him if that is a part of our faith.  He mentions our ancestors and our stories of survival “…tell you children and your grandchildren…”

I ask him what words of faith he ponders when his faith falters. He speaks about teaching and affirming Psalms 91.  He then speaks about 2nd Timothy 1:7

Apostle Winston shares if thinks this challenge will strengthen our faith.

For more information on Apostle Darryl Winston and Greater Works Ministries.

Psalms 91:1-2