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J-Town Beat From Hiroshima, Excusively On Jazz 91.9 WCLK

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WCLK has just added the new release from Hiroshima called J-Town Beat.  The group, led by Dan Kuramoto, continues to make their own East Meets West contemporary jazz.

From the band's website:


We generally like to start a new CD with a concept.  Some notion, vibe, title that creates a ‘through line’ through the project.  J-Town Beat, was really a concept conceived by our friend, Duane Ebata.  He was the driving force of the Japan America Theater in Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo (J-Town) until his tragic passing from cancer.

He created a series of concerts that focused on Japanese American artists committed to exploring their own multi-culturalism.  He encouraged June to do a solo concert, myself as well.

We wanted to take Duane’s idea and apply it to an entire CD project. For us the preservations of ethnic enclaves is one of the keys to the cultural diversity of this country. That ‘mix’ is what makes this country so vibrant. So here it is our 19th recording, J-Town Beat.

For more about Hiroshima, click here.

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