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Rivablue Goes All Jazz-Fusion With Apke Motion Wed @ Cafe 290


Rivablue will be your host Wednesday evening at 8pm as Café 290 Welcomes Apke Motion.

Pascal Bouterin, French artist, drummer and percussionist is joined by Alain Brunet on trumpet, Mark Haynes on guitar, Steve Florczykowski on bass and Scott Ritshire on keys.

Bouterin stopped by WCLK to talk with Rivablue about his art and music in advance of tomorrow night's performance.

Parallel to his artwork, Pascal Bouterin continued his musical journey, a journey that has grown ever more richer as the years have gone by. He has been the drummer for several musical combos and is heavily involved in a jazz association (Jazz Connection). During his time in New York, Pascal Bouterin took part in several jam sessions and played regularily in various bars. This inclination for the world of jazz serves a vital complementary role to the artist’s artistic world, as these two artistic forms meld together to produce a harmony in which improvisation plays a key role – this improvisation grants him the required freedom, far from stilted and conventional mores, to pursue his artistic and personal development.

Want to to? More info on Cafe 290 here.

Want to know what Akpe Motion sounds like, click below: