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NewUrbanJazz Lounge With Bob Baldwin
Saturdays 4:00pm-6:00pm

"We are constantly looking to hear from new artists global-wide regarding the newest and greatest sounding jazz the world has to offer, and although we tend to lean towards a groove, we also show a deep appreciation for our original artform, which showcases such greats as Thelonius Monk, Duke Ellington and Miles Davis,among others."
NewUrbanJazz™ is our own diverse brand of jazz, as diverse as the crowds we play for all over the world. While super-radio conglomerates are falling by the wayside, Jazz cats need to stop dummying down the genre of jazz because more than ever in these tough times, the universe is looking for something substantial from creative people, something we are all capable of delivering, that is, if we just push the envelope just a little harder, deeper and further in some deeper media arenas, some of which we are clearly overlooked.
People are already trying to emulate our sound, which we are truly honored, but there is only NewUrbanJazz™. Our sound is as unique as the original KFC recipe, or the iPod. We have our own vibe and we are here to stay. More importantly, several indie stations around the country are flipping to a funkier blend of contemporary jazz, which we are humbly honored to be a trend-setter in this arena."