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Generation Z - Leona Bennett Shares That Her Future Is Full Of Opportunity

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Leona Bennett is a Mass Media Arts major at Clark Atlanta University. She is looking forward to her future career and the many opportunities that await her.

We close our Generation Z conversations with Leona Bennett, a Mass Communications Major at Clark Atlanta University. Generation Z comprises individuals born in the 1990s through the early 2010s. These young adults have come of age with the internet in their hands and social media as their go-to for news and entertainment. These young people consider themselves global citizens who believe in societal and climate change. Self-care is more important than possessions, and they define themselves beyond the simple norms of race, sexuality, and ethnicity.

I asked Leona how she came to attend Clark Atlanta and why she chose an HBCU. She speaks about the history and her interest in the Mass Communications program. She shares that her HBCU experience was different due to the Pandemic and virtual classes. Bennet says that her generation is not accepting the status quo but often feels their voices are not being heard.

She shared that high anxiety is challenging for her and her peers, but she is looking forward to the future. She wants a career. She will be the first to graduate in her generation and has high hopes for the opportunities she will have.

The world of politics is full of arguments with no one being heard. Bennett feels her generation will be better but that they need help. She speaks about the high suicide rate and knows that therapy is a good idea.

Bennett is looking forward to a career in media and has obtained several internships.