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Rushion McDonald Wants Your Dreams To Come True

 Rushion McDonald host and producer of Money Making Conversations shares his story of success and explains why the climb is more important
Rushion McDonald host and producer of Money Making Conversations shares his story of success. McDonald finds more magic in the climb to success than the pinnacle. His interviews are inspirational for those working on living their dreams.

Money Making Conversations with Rushion McDonald airs live on Jazz 91.9 WCLK every Tuesday evening at 6pm. McDonald, the founder of 3815 Media, is an award-winning producer. He speaks with entrepreneurs from various walks of life about their journey to success. If you think there is only one way to make it, his conversational master classes let you know that everyone has a distinct path, even if they are following in someone else’s footprints. From celebrities to tech founders, these conversations are the breadcrumbs someone might need to follow to move forward with their dreams.

I listen to Rushion McDonald on Tuesdays as he uncovers these extraordinary steps to success from his guests. Before I spoke about his show, I asked how a young man from Houston, Texas became a media mogul who founded his own media brand. McDonald speaks about growing up and dreaming of being a forklift operator. He speaks about being different and an educator Linda B. Trailer who guided him from high school to college.

McDonald ended up in the “writing rooms” for a sitcom, and the rest, as they say, is history. His career allowed him to engage with big-name personalities such as Sherri Shepard, Gabrielle Union, and Kim Whitley. Even better, he introduces us to those behind the scenes, some in the writing rooms and other movers and shakers making their mark in creative endeavors, entrepreneurial success, or community advocacy.

I asked why his interviews focus on how people began their climbs to success. He explains that often we only see success. For McDonald, the real story is in the climb. At the end of every show, I think about the book draft or business plan I have started and stopped with plans to revisit and revive. I asked McDonald what he hopes listeners will take away from Money Making Conversations. He speaks about the live show, allowing listeners to call in with questions. He wants us all to know that it’s never too late to make our dreams come true.

Money Making Conversations is broadcast on Jazz 91.9 WCLK Tuesdays at 6PM.
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