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Melanated Chakras a Yoga Conference for our Community Saturday, March 23rd at Kipp Woodson Park Academy

The 8th Annual Melanated Chakras Yoga Conference takes place Saturday, March 23rd at the Kipp Woodson Park Academy.
Melanated Chakras
The 8th Annual Melanated Chakras Yoga Conference takes place Saturday, March 23rd at the Kipp Woodson Park Academy.

Elevation presents Melanated Chakras, a Yoga Conference on March 23rd from 9AM - 7PM at the Kipp Woodson Park Academy on Donald Lee Hollowell Blvd in Atlanta. Nyemay Aya, a new WCLK Business Member, joins us to share information about the upcoming 8th Anniversary of Melanated Chakras.

I asked Aya how she came to host a Yoga conference, and she mentioned that she had a side business selling embroidered towels. She’d embroider yoga symbols and poses on towels and sell them at Yoga conferences in the southeast region. At a conference in Asheville, NC, she thought about the lack of people who looked like her and wondered why there wasn’t a conference for our community. She took her idea to friends who were more involved in the yoga community, but they weren’t interested. Aya explains that “her” little voice kept saying you should do the conference.

Aya hesitated because she already produced one of the largest outdoor Vegan Festivals, Veggie Taste. Finally, she decided to take on the Yoga Conference she branded Melanated Chakras.

She shares that after her first time practicing yoga, she felt a release. She explains that yoga brings freedom from stress through breathing and stretching. Aya thinks that almost everyone benefits from yoga.

Aya says that anyone having challenges with life should attend the conference. She invites single parents, people with full calendars, and people experiencing anxiety or stress to attend. She ensures that attendees will leave with a few tools to take control of their feelings in everyday life.

She speaks about the master yogis from our community who will convene here at Melanated Chakras, including Yirser Ra Hotep from Chicago, a Kemetic Yoga master. Aya speaks about aligning your chakras with crystals and sound bowls. For more information, you can find Melanated Chakras on social media platforms or visit their website.