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Chris Standring-Shadow of Doubt

Chris Standring Simple Things 600x600bf-60.jpg

The first musical British invasion came during the 1960’s when four “mop headed” guys in collarless suits from Liverpool began to permeate from radio stations across the country. The Beatles would become to some the most definitive artists of our lifetime. Their place in American pop culture is cemented forever. Since then British artists have always found a home on American music charts. Today, British Jazz guitarist Chris Standring is leading a different kind of British invasion on the Smooth Jazz Charts.  

Since 1989 Chris has used his heavily seventies-influenced sounds to create a name for himself among Jazz lovers. He is a one third of the band SolarSystem, which combined Jazz and Hip Hop, spawning the chart topping hits like Bossa Blue, later named Billboard’s 2010 Contemporary Jazz Song of the Year. As a solo artist, Standring has released a string of songs that always find their way to the top. His latest offering Shadow of Doubt will undoubtedly join his other string of radio friendly hits that include Is There a Doctor in the House?, Whatever She Wants, Static in the Attic and others. Shadow of Doubt is smooth grooving song that will have you moving in your seat, bobbing your head at your desk or turning up the volume so you can get lost in the groove. Shadow of Doubt can be found on Chris’ latest album Simple Things (Ultimate Vibe Recordings ) and on Jazz at Sundown with Debb Moore, Monday-Friday 7pm-10pm on Jazz 91.9 WCLK.