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The Local Take Talks Mental Health During Coronavirus With Dr. Joy Harden Bradford


Saturday morning at 8am on WCLK's The Local Take I talked with Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, founder of Therapy for Black Girls, about maintaining our mental health in a pandemic. 

Dr. Harden shares information about Therapy for Black Girls and shares they exist to allow Black girls to be seen, heard and understood. She is working to remove the stigma around therapy.

I ask about what we can do in a pandemic to maintain our mental health. She shares that therapy can and should be considered. She also speaks about using technology to connect virtually with family and friends. 

I ask if this was really a good time to try and find a therapist. Dr. Harden shares that many therapist use tele-therapy via face-to-face technology to support clients. This has been taking place for a few years to provide needed services outside of normal hours.  She thinks this is a good time to find a therapist if you feel that you need one.

Dr. Harden goes on to explain that tele-therapy has been used successfully for a number of years and Therapy for Black Girls has a listing of therapist that are culturally sensitive. 

She speaks about families giving each other space and creating boundaries even at home. She also speaks about using virtual classes for dance or yoga. She shares that Therapy for Black Girls has a weekly podcast.

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