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The Local Take Talks George Floyd and Voting with CAU's Dr. William Boone

Tiffany Powell

Join me Saturday morning at 8am for WCLK's The Local Take. This week we pivot from the ongoing pandemic to discuss our upcoming elections and the George Floyd killing and protest.  I reached out to Dr. William Boone, from Clark Atlanta University's Political Science department. 

I asked Dr. Boone if he thought #GeorgeFloydwould be the last hashtag and if the protest would bring about real change.  He spoke about police departments having no accountability. Even when they are rarely established, Citizen Review Boards usually have no power. 

This week the city of Ferguson, Missouri elected their first African American mayor.  I asked if voting would increase after the protest. Dr. Boone explained that the protests are just one approach, voting is another. He explained that we have to use all of the arrows in our quiver. Even voting isn't enough, we must hold those in elected to office accountable as well. 

We speak about the provocateurs that overtook the righteous protest with rioting and looters.  He shares that the protesters must make sure that the narrative isn't highjacked. Dr. Boone says that our nation is teetering and that leadership from the Pentagon which spoke out this week may stop the slide towards authoritarian rule. 


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Credit Tiffany Powell
A mother and son participate in the Atlanta Protest on Friday, May 29th