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The Local Take Talks Grassroots Voting Organization With Georgia55

During this political season on WCLK's The Local Take(Saturday mornings 8am), I've reached out to a few of the grassroots organizations that have helped turn Georgia blue.  This Saturday I talk with with Melody Bray from Georgia55, a  group of millennial women based out of the Goizueta Business School at Emory. Their stated aim is to make voting easy, fun, and delicious.

They are working to make voting accessible to metro Atlantans through food-centric outreach, with a particular focus on under-resourced communities on Atlanta's southside. 
I asked Bray to tell us about Georgia55 and how the organization came together?

She speaks about being connected with a few other women who were "line warming," providing snacks, water, and information to people waiting in line. She mentions that Atlanta is known for having a deep grassroots activism history. The four ladies came together and formalized their activities and became the non-profit Georgia55.

They partnered with other organizations and restaurants, and recruited volunteers. They have changed their outreach due to the pandemic but are still working. Some of their information is now distributed via food pantries.  They are determined to share information and educate voters.

Bray talks about food being one thing we all have in common.  She talks about Southern hospitality and the family table.  To fight voter suppression, Georgia55 makes sure that people waiting in line have a snack, water, or a slice of pizza to help voters to keep waiting in line.  

Georgia55 would go door-to-door in some neighborhoods. They now reach out to a neighborhood association or a single contact in a building to provide food and information to their neighbors.  Georgia55 continues its outreach for the upcoming run-off elections.  They have partnered with over 30 restaurants and are still looking for volunteers.

For more information and to volunteer with Georgia55