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The Local Take Talks Repatriation to Ghana with Diallo Sumbry


This week on WCLK's The Local Take, I am speaking with Diallo Sumbry from the Adinkra Group about his new book, A Smart Ghana Repatriation Guide.  The Andinkra Group executed the largest pilgrimage to Ghana during the 2019 Year of Return. Many group members spoke about their desire to "come home" to Ghana did feel like home.  As our country's political and cultural climate continues to change, many African Americans of means are leaving for other countries including Mexico, Costa Rica and even Ghana. I was happy to welcome back Diallo Sumbry to speak about his new book, A Smart Ghana Repatriation Guide.

I asked why he thought this was an excellent time to release the book and if he had made a permanent move to Ghana. He mentioned that there are more African-Americans in Ghana on the African continent than in any other country.  Also, the 2019 Year of Return exposed Ghana to the whole diaspora. People of African descent came from Australia, Europe, Asia, South America, literally from all over the world to Ghana. He thought this would be a good time to share what he is learned in his years of bringing people to Ghana. Although he and his family are spending more time in Ghana, he has been back and forth in the last few years.

I asked how Ghana faired during the pandemic.  He spoke about their low numbers and the lock-down that came early. Scientists are still questioning the low numbers of COVID-19 cases on the continent.  Sumbry mentioned that only about 3% of International travelers visit Ghana.  To visit Ghana now, you must have a negative COVID-19 test before boarding your flight.  When you land in Ghana, you will be given the COVID-19 PRC rapid test, and you must test negative to leave the airport. Those who got locked down in Ghana may have fared better than African-Americans in the USA.

Diallo Sumbry and Kiplyn Primus at a 2019 Year of Return event in Accra, Ghana

Sumbry shares some of the assumptions and pitfalls people face when repatriating to Ghana.  He mentions that some laws are a bit different.  He shares that people need to do their research and find trustworthy people to assist them. He also says the strong relationship between Black Americans and Ghana. From their leader and liberator, Kwame Nkrumah, who graduated from Lincoln University and was a Phi Beta Sigma fraternity member, to Jack and Jill, Inc., all have a chapter in Ghana.  Sumbry shares he pledged the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity – Ghana chapter in 2020.

I asked why Ghana? Sumbry shares there is a chapter in the book with that title. He then gives a list of reasons, including:

  • The most developed country in West Africa
  • The long history between American and Ghanaian citizens
  • It is an English-speaking country that is a mix of traditional and modern.

The book will be released on May 19th.  The Adinkra Group will begin Birthright Tours to Ghana soon.  For more information on The Adinkra Group. For more information on Diallo Sumbry.